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A large range of Security Inks for litho, letterpress and screen printing are manufactured. These include magnetic and ultra violet sensitive inks.


Rub Removable screen inks are formulated for printing lottery type “scratch off” panels. These are available in silver, gold, white and black.


Photochromic inks are a range of inks available in three colours: red, blue and yellow. Prints produced using these inks will change from colourless to coloured when exposed to light. They can be supplied in several ink types for plastic, metal and paper. This product is available in standard and a long afterglow version.


Reflective inks are a range of transparent inks containing small glass beads. They can be produced in most ink ranges to print onto vinyl, metal, fluted polypropylene (Correx) and other plastics. These are available in colours or reflective white.


Fluorescent inks these are available for plastic and paper and board in nine “day-glow” shades.


Optichromic Inks are transparent, the colour effect is produced by the interference effect from flakes contained within the ink, the flop colour varying depending on the angle of view and light. The best colours are produced by printing over dark colours, black giving the greatest colour shift, and then laminating or high gloss varnishing. The same effect can be achieved by printing on the reverse of transparent plastic such as PVC or acrylic, then printing black or a dark colour on top of the Optichromic ink. Twelve colour combinations are available these are emerald/blue, emerald/gold, sparkle violet, copper/green, silver/blue, serpentine, opal, blue/gold, sapphire/violet, malachite/blue, topaz/gold and amethyst


Mirror effect ink will provide a cost effective way of obtaining a very good mirror finish, traditionally done by silvering. They are formulated for printing onto the under surface of clear plastic or glass to obtain the mirror effect.


Aquaproof a range of oil based waterproof poster writing colours, they are lead free and have excellent application properties. an eggshell finish is obtained in 2-6 hours. They are ready to use, however if any thinning is required use good quality white spirit

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