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Catalysed screen inks are a versatile range of inks possessing outstanding adhesion and chemical resistance. These are two-pack inks which when cured form a hard heat and chemical resistant film, which can be produced in a gloss or matt finish depending on the hardener used. They may be air dried or stoved and are suitable for use on most metals, glass and some plastics.


Single Pack Stoving Inks are a range of inks which are based on resins which when stoved produce gloss prints with great hardness, combined with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. These inks are single pack and do not require the addition of catalyst. Since they only cure on stoving, problems normally associated with catalysed inks, such as curing in the screen are eliminated. This product is made to order.


Anodye screen inks are designed for printing onto fresh unsealed anodised aluminium. They react with the anodic surface, chemically bond with it to produce fast durable prints with brilliant coloured metallic effects.


Gloss Enamel screen inks have good adhesion to a wide range of materials. They dry by oxidation to a high gloss durable film with excellent flexibility. Good results are obtained on paper, board, glass, metal, acrylics, wood and foils. Their high build and flexibility make them suitable for water slide transfers.


Mercury Gloss inks In addition to this inks uses for paper and board, Mercury Gloss will also adhere to a number of metal surfaces, glass and wood. This product is fast drying with a full gloss finish with the advantage of being lead and heavy metal free.


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